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Illustrations for poetry book by Anna Sitnikova

Great work!


A Rotating Glass Sculpture Containing Four ‘Hidden’ Anamorphic Paintings

Emulsifier is a curious glass sculpture designed by artist Thomas Medicus. The piece is built from 160 glass strips that are hand-painted on four sides with complimentary images. Only when the object is rotated and viewed from the right angle do the images appear. 

Happy birthday IDI Susan!


Surreal Illustrations Explore What’s Underneath The Ocean Surface

This is a collection of surreal illustrations by Los Angeles-based illustrator Graham Curran that offers a peek into the hidden world underneath the surface the ocean in a whimsical style.


I painted a Boxtrolls fan art illustration piece.  Done almost entirely in homemade inks with a little watercolor and pencil thrown in. 

You can find many more paintings and their prints here


Striking Collages Replace Guns from Vintage Photos with Life-Size Flowers

A French creative who goes by the name Mister Blick fuses vintage black and white photographs with colorful illustrations of flowers. The monochromatic pictures depict men at war, and we see them among the trenches and fighter jets. But, instead of guns in their hands, Blick has seamlessly replaced them with luscious blooms. It gives the illusion that the soldiers are fighting with these larger-than-life petals and stems rather than bullets.

Very creative!

Excellent illustration work by Pat Perry!

Amazing light painting video by Darren Pearson.

Happy birthday IDI John!





Raphaël Vicenzi, aka Mydeadpony, is a self-taught artist living in Brussels, Belgium with his wife and child. His works are influenced by fashion, handmade typography, street art and graffiti. He aims to create vivid & beautiful imagery, which are a reflection of…

Another birthday at the IDI office! Happy birthday, Vitalij!


Limited edition concept for a wine sampler

Ryan Anthony Wolper has created this limited edition concept wine sampler for Silver Oak Cellars.

Check out more images of the project on WE AND THE COLOR.

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Spizella arborea, 2014

Pencil and watercolor drawing by Susan Rotondo

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